Three Major Sources of Scrap Copper

Earning a little extra income during a time of economic uncertainty is always valuable. One of the best ways to earn money on the side is to sell scrap metal. Many companies will buy scrap metal in bulk, but if you want to earn a little bit extra, you can sell copper separately. Scrap copper buyers tend to pay more than scrap metal buyers since they don't have to sort through a collection of questionably valuable metal themselves.

4 Tips For Ferrous Metal Recycling To Prepare Your Business For Savings With Resource Recovery

The raw materials for your business operations are costly assets that can sometimes be turned into resources. If you work in manufacturing, service businesses or other industries that work with raw metal and other recyclable materials, recycling programs could be a good part of your resource recovery plan. The following tips will help you add resource recovery solutions for recycling ferrous metal to help reduce your operation costs: 1. Reducing the Raw Ferrous Materials That You Have in Inventory