Metals That Can Be Recycled and Where to Find Them

Scrap metal recycling is the process of reusing old metal to make new products. In doing so, you get to save the environment and also create job opportunities. The process involves identifying metals, recovering them, and refining them before reclaiming them. 

For identification, a magnet is required to separate the ferrous metal from the non-ferrous. Ferrous metal is made up of iron, while non-ferrous does not have traces of iron. However, further tests still have to be conducted to determine what can be recycled and which ones to throw away. During scrap metal recycling, you can get other valuable metals. If you are curious to find out these metals and their sources, here is all you need to know. 


This metal is well known for its light weight. Recycling aluminum also takes very little time compared to others. Additionally, it does not rust, making it ideal for the manufacturing of various products. It is commonly used to make soda cans, aircraft, cooking pots, boats, car parts, siding, gutters, and doors. 


Steel is a good quality metal, explaining why many manufacturers use it to make so many items. This metal is also used in construction projects. Due to its magnetic purposes, you can separate it using a magnet. You get it from stuff like chairs, cars, pipes, rails, wires, and some household appliances. Because steel can easily rust, a protective coat has to be applied.


Silver is a ductile, glossy, and soft metal with really high thermal and electrical conductive properties. Although it is not affected by oxygen and water, it is susceptible to sulfur effects. As such, the surface darkens. Silver scrap metal for recycling can be found on jewelry, dental fillings, and batteries. 


This is yet another metal commonly used to produce various products. It usually has a pink shade when new but can turn yellow, red, or orange after some time. It is well known for its smooth texture, which you can even bend with your hands. Copper is commonly used in making pipes, wires, cars, kitchenware, and rain spouts.


Brass is mainly an alloy of zinc and copper. Because of the presence of copper, brass tends to be a little costly. Depending on the alloy's composition, brass appearance can either be yellow, brownish color, or muted yellow shade. You will mainly find it in light and bathroom fixtures, keys, door handles, and some plumbing parts.

Now you understand various metals and their sources. If you have old metal lying around, you can consider taking it to scrap metal recycling services to produce other new products.