Three Tips For Disposing Of Old Office Furniture

If you are responsible for managing an office, you may find that you have to regularly dispose of large amounts of used or damaged furniture. This can be particularly true during major renovations. Unfortunately, individuals often assume that simply hauling this furniture to the dump will be the best solution. By considering the full range of options that are available, you will be able to ensure that your furniture is disposed of in the most efficient manner possible.

Understand The Costs Of Having The Furniture Hauled Away

There can be fairly significant costs involved with having furniture hauled to the dumpster. This is largely due to its high weight and large size. As a result, a special vehicle will be needed to move these items, and the landfill will likely charge more due to the high weight and large size of these items. These costs will be in addition to the fee charged by the service that will haul away the items. Due to these potentially high costs, it may be best to use this as a last resort for your furniture disposal needs.

Sell As Much Of The Furniture As You Can

The furniture that you use in the office likely represents a major investment in the business. As a result, it is necessary to try and recover as much of the value as possible from the furniture. Luckily, there is an assortment of services that will buy used furniture as long as it is in fairly good condition. In addition to providing you with payment for the furniture, these services will often haul away the items for no cost.

Use A Recycling Service Whenever Possible

There are some pieces of furniture that may simply be unsuitable for resale. For those that have furniture that they are unable to sell and want to avoid paying the costs to send it to the landfill, there are recycling services that specialize in furniture and lamp recycling that may be used. These services can be excellent for metal furniture or electrical decor for the room, such as lamps. This is due to the ability of these services to melt down these items so that the metal can be extracted from them. The costs of using recycling services can vary greatly as there are some that will not charge individuals while others may have small processing fees. Before choosing a recycling service, you may want to consult with several providers so that you can choose the one with the lowest fees.